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Creating Your Legacy

Take ownership of your success from the inside out. For clarity and alignment, create your success now.

Creating Your Success Blueprint

An interactive transformational PDF to mapline your success.

Think Big Starter

A starter guide to harness the power of your thoughts and imagination to unleash your greatness.

Think Big Guide

A starter guide to harness the power of your thoughts and imagination to unleash your greatness.

Daily Check In

A template to program yourself for success and supercharge your day.

Dream Big Kit for Youth Leaders

A Teen’s Guide to kick start their year like never before and get super clear on their goals.

Creando tu AÑO Planner

Tu planner para organizar y manifestar el año de tu grandeza.

The New You

A daily practice to upgrade your internal operating software. Step into who you were always meant to be. Journal prompts to guide and reprogram your 2.0.

Creating Source Meditation

A guided meditation to connect you back to the power and wisdom of your higher self.

Radical Forgiveness Worksheet

A Powerful Forgiveness tool to free yourself by Colin Tipping.

St. Francis of Assisi Peace Prayer

A prayer to instill peace and elevate energy during times of uncertainty.

40 Day Abundance Plan

A powerful meditation practice by John Randolph Price to amplify your abundance and prosperity.

The Lion's Gate Journal Prompt

Prepare your field with this journal prompt for the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Completing Your Year with Power

How you finish a year determines how you begin the new year. This guide will support you in completing your year with power to create space for what’s next.

10 Steps to Freedom

Own Your freedom as your divine birthright with this amazing ebook.

Tilling Greatness

Your Life + Business Renewal Kit – How to create success in times of great uncertainty.

Power Circle

The first step to success is clarity. Power your year with this tool that I use every year multiple times throughout the year.

7 Days of Magick

Harnessing The Planetary Universal Flow

Steps to Greatness

A Teen’s Guide: 5 STEPS to Awaken Greatness!

Rise Up

A Teen’s Guide: 5 Ways to Resolve Inner Conflict

Metta Meditation

An ancient Pali prayer to infuse love and kindness using the power of our thoughts.)


Ancient Hawaiian Prayer that creates miraculous healing effects. 

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only from the heart can you touch the sky - Rumi

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